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Full Service Research

Just starting to bring research and key insights into your strategic planning process? Not sure where to start? 


With a team of high quality programmers, sample suppliers, data processing, as well as great moderators for Qualitative research,  Vidi Insights can work with you to develop a design to fit your research needs and budget.  


Research capabilities include, but are not limited to the following quantitative and qualitative designs listed below. If you are interested in a methodological approach that is not listed below, please reach out to us so we can accommodate your research needs.




Qualitative Research Options Available 


Focus Groups

This exploratory research is conducted among a group of about 6 to 8 consumers.  After consumers meet the qualifying criteria specified by the study design they are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.  These can be conducted in person or online.  In person focus groups usually take place at a facility. 


In Depth Interviews

This research is an unstructured method for gathering information from consumers. These are usually performed one on one, where the interviewer guides the discussion through a series of open-ended questions.  Generally in depth interviews (IDI's) are conducted in person, but can also be done over the telephone. 



Quantitative Research Options Available 


Brand Health & Advertising Trackers

This form of research is conducted online and tracked over time.  With the large sample size it requires, this type of research allows you to arrive at concrete and statistically sound information. This approach allows to you dissect your consumer base and understand where your brand stands or the effectiveness of an advertising campaign among a various groups. 


Concept Tests & Package Testing

This form of research is conducted online among the target sample designated for the concept or package. It will allow you to evaluate the consumer response and gain insights for product optimization prior to the introduction of a product or packaging into the market.


Creative Advertising Testing 

Once your creative idea has been tested qualitatively, testing the final version or near version final of the creative media, be it print, TV, digital, or radio, is recommended. This type of study is conducted online and can aid in creative optimization prior going live with the media.  


Custom Online Studies

We are capable of conducting any type of online custom research. If you are thinking of incorporating research into your strategic marketing plan and not sure where to start, we recommend reaching out to us to schedule a brainstorming consulting session where we can help guide you and your team in prioritizing your objectives and creatively developing a solution to meet your needs. 

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