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Consulting Services

Don't have an Insights Department?  Is your Insights Department understaffed?



Our Consulting Services include overall support to your marketing goals, as well as, a hands-on approach to all pertinent phases of consumer research projects. 


Services include:  


  • Writing research study requests

  • Review of proposals from preferred vendors and provide recommendation on how to move forward

  • Support in development of study designs, including study parameters, sample definitions, development of questionnaires and final report

  • Delivery of study findings with action-oriented recommendations

  • Attending client meetings and providing a POV on study results


Some of our clients have a preferred research vendor, a project/tracker in place, or are using a vendor with a proprietary approach.  However, because many of these clients do not have a Consumer Insights Department or have one that is understaffed, their directions for marketing decisions overlook a more rounded, cohesive, consumer relevant direction.

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